From Mild to Wild: Wiring

Nicholas Bauer, of Slicknessindustries, can handle all of your wiring harness needs from mild to wild.

Here is a Renault Twizy EV harness, Nick extended, and modified to fit into a vehicle twice the original wheelbase and track width called the Local Motors, Strati.

The harness came from a vehicle with a chassis ground and transplanted into a composite vehicle. This harness had to function properly, the first time, at IMTS 2014 for demonstration, it was developed in 40 days under impossible deadlines and limited resources.

It functioned properly and the vehicle wound up driving around the streets of Chicago, turn signals, brake lights and all; this was the first test of the vehicle.

Nicholas also led a small team to assemble, fabricate and test the STRATI vehicle at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and on the floor in Chicago with the help of Brandon Klingaman and Kyle Heart.

Living in a Duramax pickup until the dragon wagon is ready.

I left home to take on a new challenge, although I was working on the SlickCrawl I put in a couple applications for some cool startups and I ended up with a cool job offer from Thor Trucks as the fabrication/shop lead Engineer.

I partially put in the application because the Dragon Wagon is parked in San Bernardino and the job is in North Hollywood, so only an hour and a half away. However I need to find a place to parke the Dragon Wagon so to prerun the area I decided to build a stealth camper out of my current Daily Driver. I purchased a surplus, salvaged 2004.5 Silverado 2500 from Local Motors a couple years ago and fixed it up. The Silverado has a quarter million miles on it but with the Isuzu based 6.6L LLY Diesel engine and Allison 1000 transmission it is perfect for LA traffic.

I found a commercial truck cap for sale on Tucson Craiglist and snagged it up, it is an extra tall superduty model and I had to trim it to fit the Silverado. I gave it a quick spray with some crappy paint because I only had two weeks until the new job started.

Next I cleaned out the truck bed, added a 3/4″ plywood floor and topped it with some cheap laminate flooring and under-lament.

I was pretty happy with the rusults, I think it came out nice.

I added a four channel ebay special securety camera system, two group 31 semi truck batteries, a MPPT charge controller, a 100W solar panel, a PWM controlled Maxxfan, Xantrex prowatt SW600 power inverter, 1600watt Frys electronics special square wave inverter and a vintage half pint microwave.

The bed is made of extra plywood, a folding cot mattress from amazon and gas pipe as a folding mechanism.

Additional cool things litter the interior, I also dropped a line for a future refrigerator/freezer.