Monthly Archives: February 2017

Living in a Duramax pickup until the dragon wagon is ready.

I left home to take on a new challenge, although I was working on the SlickCrawl I put in a couple applications for some cool startups and I ended up with a cool job offer from Thor Trucks as the fabrication/shop lead Engineer.

I partially put in the application because the Dragon Wagon is parked in San Bernardino and the job is in North Hollywood, so only an hour and a half away. However I need to find a place to parke the Dragon Wagon so to prerun the area I decided to build a stealth camper out of my current Daily Driver. I purchased a surplus, salvaged 2004.5 Silverado 2500 from Local Motors a couple years ago and fixed it up. The Silverado has a quarter million miles on it but with the Isuzu based 6.6L LLY Diesel engine and Allison 1000 transmission it is perfect for LA traffic.

I found a commercial truck cap for sale on Tucson Craiglist and snagged it up, it is an extra tall superduty model and I had to trim it to fit the Silverado. I gave it a quick spray with some crappy paint because I only had two weeks until the new job started.

Next I cleaned out the truck bed, added a 3/4″ plywood floor and topped it with some cheap laminate flooring and under-lament.

I was pretty happy with the rusults, I think it came out nice.

I added a four channel ebay special securety camera system, two group 31 semi truck batteries, a MPPT charge controller, a 100W solar panel, a PWM controlled Maxxfan, Xantrex prowatt SW600 power inverter, 1600watt Frys electronics special square wave inverter and a vintage half pint microwave.

The bed is made of extra plywood, a folding cot mattress from amazon and gas pipe as a folding mechanism.

Additional cool things litter the interior, I also dropped a line for a future refrigerator/freezer.