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Why removing the clutch fan on any 4.7L Dodge Dakota or Durango is a stupid idea.

If you have a 4.7L removing, ie: deleting your clutch fan, is a death sentence and a guarantee in the southwest.

The E fan only turns on when the truck is close to overheating (PCM temperature reading of 220 deg on and 216 deg off) or when the ac is on. It does not have any shroud. It was never made to be the main fan for the motor. Its purpose is only to supplement when the truck is close to overheating or help to suck air through the radiator stack when the AC is on so your condenser can run more efficiently. Water boils at 212 degrees and properly mixed coolant in a functioning, pressurized, system will boil at 223 degrees. Do not use the stock e fan alone. If you want to do an electric fan conversion properly there are many options. A charger or challenger shrouded dual eFan will work great. Taurus e-fans and Lincoln e-fans work great. The electric puller on our trucks has no shroud, is massively undersized and only pulls from a small area. It was never engineered from the first place to cool the entire vehicle and only to supplement.