The dekamper was Slick’s first vehicle, a 2001 Dodge Dakota 4.7L 2wd. Slick solid axle swapped the vehicle when he was 20 years old. The dekamper features a high-pinion Dana 44 sourced from a 1978 F-250, dual transfercases, hydraulically assisted steering and a Corporate 14-bolt from a 1994 GM van. The front suspension is a wristed radius arm setup, sprung by 18″ coil overs packaged for a low center of gravity. The rear suspension is sprung by Chevy 63″ leaf springs and a pre-runner long travel tubular shackle setup. It sits on 40″ tires and has a 1987 Coleman Colorado camper on the back. The camper sits on a 2-inch-square tube frame, a sliding sub-frame sits above the main truck frame and articulates independently which allows the camper to “deploy” in a unique fashion.