The Dragon Wagon is a 5 ton capacity overland vehicle made from two different military trucks and a 1987 Fleet Wood prowler 5th wheel camper, it was built in collaboration, starting with Allen Gazza and finished up by Nicholas Bauer .

The cab of the Dragon Wagon is sourced from an MK-48 Logistics Vehicle System (LVS) which is an is a modular assortment of eight-wheel drive heavy vehicle used by the United States Marine Corps and made by the Oshkosh Corporation.

The chassis and drive train were sourced from the shortest wheelbase version of the 9 series 5 tons, a M932A2 manufactured by Bowen-McLaughlin-York aka BMY. At 167 inches, The Dragon Wagon has a slightly longer wheelbase than a Ford Excursion.

It is powered by a civilian, Cummins, 6CTA, 8.3L turbo diesel with an Allison 5 speed automatic transmission. The M932’s frame was lengthened and a pivoting sub-frame mechanism was made to fit the camper on the back. The truck is 6 wheel drive, has a top speed of 65MPH, sits on 47″ tires and gets 7 miles to the gallon.

In 2016, Nick drove the Dragon Wagon to California where he eventually ended up in North Hollywood as the Lead Shop Engineer for Thor Trucks where he lived in the vehicle and helped to engineer and fabricate one of the worlds first electric semi trucks.