Meet “Home Wrecker” a 1964 Chevy C60 with a Holmes 600 wrecker and a Cummins 6BT swap with an Allison transmission. The wrecker was originally used by the Air Force, its original color was blue and it has a military placard inside. It currently has Cummins 6BTA inside the wrecker with an Allison AT545, air brakes, PTO and new axles; all parts were sourced from various Bluebird schoolbusses.

In the mid 1990’s it was completely gone through with the Cummins swap, decades before it was any “automotive fad”. During my ownership “Lou” contacted me about the truck and said that it was built by a couple mechanics at Marana Public Schools. Lou stated that “it had a crate from factory Cummins installed, same with transmission. Paint was custom ordered and painted by my brother in law. We used to hook our own busses in. It was put up for auction with hardly any miles/hours. School district didn’t want the liability.”

The previous owners father was the man who bought it auction and then he used it to tow M939 5 ton military trucks from New Mexico to Arizona. The front bumper is filled with concrete and it has a Holmes 600 bed on it.

I currently use it to get groceries, car shows, transport broken down project vehicles and as “insurance” should the Dragon wagon break down close to home.