What is hydro assist?

I can tell you it is one of the best, and cheapest mods you can do for any solid axle vehicle. It takes many of the stresses off your steering system and helps turn bigger tires.

How does it work?

To understand hydro assist you must understand how the hydraulic system in your vehicle works.

Hydraulic fluid is a nothing special it is a  mineral oil that is used to lubricate the components and supply means of transferring forces.

The power steering pump supplies hydraulic fluid constantly, it varies from around 85-125 PSI. There are various types of pumps available but the stock one will work just fine and be reliable.

Steering gear: the steering gear takes your input from the steering wheel and multiples the torque for steering your axle hydraulically and mechanically.

How does it work?

It is actually very simple, you “tap your box” by physically tapping it to take hydraulic fittings into the casting of the steering gear and then you run the hoses to a steering cylinder located on the axle.  One portion of the steering box will be pressurized when your turning left and the other when you turn right.

Where do I buy the parts?

All over the internet, but most aftermarket kits are a rip off, if your are spending more than $150 on a complete hydro assist system you are getting ripped off hard. Regular tractor steering rams are just as reliable as the fancy stuff they put spray-paint on and slap a sticker-onto.