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A Dodge Dakota Military Truck, a vehicle oddity.

Called the “Hybrid Electric High Mobility Scout Mongrel Vehicle with Active Suspension” This was on ePay in 2017, I wanted it but they wanted too much for it at $16,500. It was quite capable, a prototype made for the Army, it was ” inadvertently launched the vehicle into the air during its climb of a 60 degree slope. The vehicle reportedly landed on all four wheels and sustained no damage.”.

Still wondering what happened to it. It was built to get a government contract and you can see that many ideas from the vehicle are used in autonomous military vehicles today.

A diesel, series hybrid, it had independent suspension and electric hub, planetary geared, motors at each wheel, it could also actively control its suspension height on the fly with magneto-rehological (MR) dampers at each corner.

It had 1.5 million in development costs into it and was started in 1997 with an SBIR Grant by Davis Technologies International, Inc.

It was controlled by a F-111 fighter joystick and could go across train tracks at 55mph without spilling your coffee.